Creating a website is easy, but maintaining one is challenging. Developing a single product is easy, but developing thousands or even tens of thousands of products is difficult. Finding a supplier and obtaining a quote for a single product is easy, but finding suppliers for thousands of products and getting suitable quotes is difficult. Finding a supplier is easy, but finding a reliable, responsible supplier who provides quick quotes and timely deliveries is challenging. Come and collaborate with us, become our professional partner, and we can help you make promotional gifts your second main business line

Many people want to create a professional promotional gifts website, but they struggle with the wide variety of gift options spanning various industries, making it difficult to choose the right products. Once they have products, they face the challenge of screening suppliers. Sometimes customers inquire about multiple products, but different suppliers only offer one or two of them. By the time they gather the quotes for several gift items, the customer may have already placed an order with someone else. Additionally, maintaining an updated product catalog on the website requires constant effort. Companies often have their primary business to focus on and lack the manpower and resources to develop promotional items. That’s where Eternal Gift Factory can come in and provide better assistance to our partners in solving these problems.

Eternal China gift factory is one of the largest gift factory in China. And our Re-Seller Partnership plan is the perfect solution for anyone selling or distributing promotional items and gifts. Sign up today and enjoy amazing discounts and benefits. Start with our professional subscription plan. You can resell thousands of promotional products, promote your very own website with your profit margin added and watch your business grow with Eternal, customers pay you directly, ones you get your orders, you keep your profit and you can send us the order to produce for you, very easy for you.

Which industries or demographics are suitable for partnering with our company?

Professional Re-Seller Partner Benefits

Standard reseller and Professional re-seller price compare

Standard price

Professional price


Professional Plan Features E-Commerce Platform

Professional Plan pricing includes domain name fees, website hosting fees, and website maintenance fees. Customers only need to provide the website name, and our IT department will handle website development and provide the customer with login credentials for the website backend.

Our e-commerce platform comes with a range of features that make smooth interactions with customers. The site is mobile friendly and can also be accessed through a mobile phone. Customers visiting the platform can shop based on specific categories, which makes shopping a seamless experience. As a partner, you will have access to the management control center and customer portal system, as well as regular IT updates.

Shop by Industry and Shop by Event - Customers visiting your website can shop by specific industry or event. The website has been updated to include a more friendly section that contains these selected products.

Promotional Products

Eternal China gift factory professional plan will offer a wide range of best-selling promotional products. With over 5,000 products in this category already, you can rest assured that you will have everything your customers want to buy. We don’t rest on this, our experienced team regularly research new and hot best-selling products to add to the list, so that you can have a rich portfolio of products. All these products come at the lowest minimum prices you can find and at reduced prices, over 20 % lower price than eternal china gift factory prices. This means you get all products at factory prices. You also have the opportunity to upload local products in your region on the site, which means you can sell off-catalog products.

A website with your own private domain name
Under the professional re-seller plan, you have the option to have your website under your own private domain name,you can tell us which domain name you want to use, Our IT will register and help upload your logo on the web

Free Monthly Samples

Every month, we will be providing you with free samples. The samples will be picked based on selected group of products, which will be over 100-300 different models of products. These models will be best seller products.

Therefore, you will have the opportunity to select different product samples every month, which will be 2-3 different samples. The samples number will always increase, and you will be notified on changes or increase on sample selection monthly. Kindly note that the samples will be offered for free, but you will still need to pay the shipping fee.

What information Professional Re-seller need to Supply

1. Domain name

Web site logo

Company contact information on the web

Tell us which domain name you want to register,tell us few ones, our IT department to try to register

1/web site logo format please supply AI/EPS/PDF vector format


header logo: Width 432 x High 135

Foot logo :W344xH108

Supply Company name

Company pictures if need

Company address

Phone NO.

contact name etc

Email address

Choose Professional Re-seller Plan

$ 299 6 Months
  • 1 Year US$ 499
  • 2 Years US$ 899
  • 3 Years US$1299
  • 4 Years US$1599
  • 5 Years US$1959