9×7.5×5.0 cm sticky cubic note pads

From USD$ 3.11

Min Order: 500
Quantity Product cost ( Pick up from China ) Product + Sea Ship To (USA) Door Product+ Air Ship To (USA) Door
500 pcs USD$ 3.97
500 USD$ 3.97 USD$5.27 USD$7.92
1,000 USD$ 3.77 USD$4.98 USD$7.63
1,500 USD$ 3.57 USD$4.78 USD$7.43
2,000 USD$ 3.42 USD$4.36 USD$7.14
3,000 USD$ 3.24 USD$4.18 USD$6.96
5,000+ USD$ 3.11 USD$3.96 USD$6.81


  • Description Material: 80g quality paper

    Description: Custom Promotional budget  sticky note pads blocks printing , 

    Size: price is for  Block note pad with pallet
    500 pages around
    9.0×7.5 x5.0 cm around ( other size or pages can be custom made, please enquiry)

    with pallet

    Price includes logo printing on the top  of each page, and full color printing on four sides

    Setup cost No Setup cost
    Shiping Read to ship (Production time)  2 Weeks
    Sea Shipping to Client’s door time (Production+sea shiping time) 7-8 Weeks
    Air Shipping to Client’door time (Production+air shipping time) 3 Weeks


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Weight 0.531 kg

*500 or less

Ready to ship in

14 days or sooner


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