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Promotional Cooler bags
These effective insulated bags allow you to take cold drinks anywhere you want. A soft fabric cooler bag makes a practical gift for any class of client in this country where the ravages of the sun and the dry wind from the red centre conspire to create a national thirst a kangaroo couldn’t jump over.

Complete with custom print, a promotional cooler bag is easy to fold and stow when not in use and because most insulated cold bag styles are made from soft fabric they don’t take up much room when not in use. Whether it’s used to take the shopping home, to carry drinks while travelling or as an easy to carry, lightweight picnic accessory the Australian climate dictates that this bag style is certain to see sustained use.

Our range of cooler bags includes all shapes and styles so there’s certain to be one which matches your marketing requirements. With custom print for sports teams, corporate brands or anyone else who needs refreshment in the great outdoors there’s no place in this great southern land that would not welcome a person equipped with one of the many styles on offer.