Promotional Keychain & Bottle Opener
Every time an individual with a company’s keyring takes out car or house keys, he or she will be reminded of your company and your line of business. Quality branded keyrings are also an enduring product, reminding individuals who possess them of the company or brand for a long period of time. At Australian Corporate Essentials have many different options available if you’re keyrings as a marketing tool. From a practical point of view, keyrings equipped with a light can be a very useful item to have. We have keyrings with LED lights, UV LED lights, or basic torches. Flashlights are another option. A key ring with a laser pointing device is useful for those who make presentations on a regular basis. A nice corporate gift option for clients is available in the form of durable metal keyrings. Bottle opener keyrings are another popular choice in the keyrings category. Those companies looking to inject a sense of fun into their marketing might want to consider novelty keyrings. Like other keyrings, they are a functional way of getting a brand or logo out into the public space, but they can be tailored to suit a particular promotional opportunity. For example, a soccer ball or tennis ball key ring could be marketed to coincide with a particular sporting event. A company involved in a specific line of business could also tailor a novelty key ring for distribution among staff members – a hard-hat key ring would be a good choice for a construction company, for instance. Whatever option you choose, promotional keyrings distributed to employees, associates and customers are an endurable product that will provide repeated exposure for a brand or logo over an extended period of time. Promotional keyrings make smart marketing tools as well as useful gifts. Keyrings represent an opportunity to promote a business or brand in a practical fashion.