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Promotional Bags
Why are promotional bags so popular amongst the many categories of custom merchandise? There reasons are straightforward and it’s all about value, visibility and long-term return on your marketing dollar. Besides the obvious utility of bags which allows you to safely stow and transport documents and other must-have business essentials custom promo bags are as much a fashion item as they are a practical piece of business kit. For the same reason fabulous celebrities are often seen holding handbags valued close to the GDP of Tasmania your promotions objective is to add value to the bag you buy by adding your branding.

Bags have a long life, so after not only playing their part in theming your conference or distributor meeting in the longer view they continue to remind people of the original branded message, carry it out for others to see and provide a useful item which can continue to be used for shopping, sports or storage. The combination of awareness and utility factors offered by a promotional bag is the heart of any successful marketing program and will extend message life, offer awareness and if you have your offer right, expand future sales volumes and brand equity.

A large branding area is one of the primary advantages branded bags offer to marketers, but combine that with heightened visibility, portability and the ability to create a sought-after item from the elements and you have some of the reasons why promotional bags have stood the test of time while others wax and wane as trends and fashions come and go.