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Tote bags are popular because they can be used for any occasion. But more than just a storage and carrier, this type of bag has great promotional potential.  Many companies, including the well-known Perrier, recognize the benefits of using printed canvas tote bags in marketing.

5 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Tote Bags

Because of their versatility, tote bags become one of the best promotional giveaway items to consider. And with that said, more and more businesses take advantage of their functionality. But the question is how can you make your own bags that can promote your brand in style?

Here are some cool ideas on how you can turn your printed canvas tote bags into walking billboards for your brand.

.1. Design bags that will reflect your brand identity. 

Set your creative team to work and produce artwork that embodies your company’s identity or the message you want the bags to deliver. Design your tote bag with your company’s logo, colours, and design elements in mind. Customers should easily associate the bag with your brand.

However, if you don’t have in-house designers, you may ask your chosen manufacturer to assist you in creating your preferred design.

2. Make your custom totes irresistible.

If you want customers to take them around, it is important to make your bags extremely appealing. For instance, you can use humour, eye-catching colours, creative messages, and popular images for your custom-branded tote bags.

You may also consider your audience’s taste in fashion to ensure they would be confident bringing your bag around. With this in mind, we bet Perrier made a great decision of using vivid designs for their bags.

3. Invest in good quality bags. 

Like we always say, your products represent your bags, thus it is critical to invest in good ones. Moreover, good tote bags will be more useful to your customers, making them appreciate your brand even more.

When considering materials, the canvas is the best option to consider. It is lightweight, strong, have medium durability and are budget-friendly.

4. Make your bags collectibles.

Create, distribute, and advertise your line of personalized totes as a limited-edition collectible for customers who enjoy your products, services, or brand.

For instance, if you are a beverage company, you could launch a limited-edition tote bag series for loyal customers, before releasing a product. This will encourage them to buy more of your items for the sake of collection all your custom-designed bags.

5. Promote your printed bags as giveaway items.

The more totes you distribute, the more people will see your brand. Giving away your totes as individual swag items or as goodie bags loaded with appropriate gifts is also a great way to market your brand.

Not just in-store, printed canvas bags are perfect event merchandise during outdoor events, fundraising programs, and retreats.

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